Building the Master Builders Meta Suite

HBA Awards

HBA: MBA of Pierce County

Category: Communications

Location: Tacoma, Wash.

Size: Local Association: 601+ members

Year: 2022

From March 2022 to the end of the year, the MBA of Pierce County’s communications plan consisted of growing their social media channels with a focus on Facebook and Instagram to reach their target audiences of the public, members, students and elected officials to share the HBA’s narrative with the community.

The main goal was to educate the HBA’s target audience including classes, upcoming events, deadlines, and changes to the building codes to members. The HBA also educated younger generations about the opportunities to work in skilled trades to address the labor shortage gap. Additionally, the HBA worked on educating the general home-buying public about the benefits of working with members. Last, the HBA highlighted the positive work members were doing throughout Pierce County through donations of time, labor, and supplies.

After looking through the HBA’s social media platforms to gauge followers’ interests, the HBA worked on a communication plan with the goal of gaining 100 new followers on each platform by mid-December. The main strategy comprised of consistently posting on all platforms, building trust with members. Instagram grew by 111 followers from March 7, 2022 to Dec. 1, 2022. Facebook grew by 287 followers and 432 page likes.