Building Institute

HBA Awards

HBA: BIA of Northern Kentucky

Category: Communications

Location: Erlanger, Ky.

Size: Local Association: 201-600 Members

Year: 2022 is the BIA of Northern Kentucky’s internet companion to the Enzweiler Building Institute. The webpage is a clearinghouse for students, educators, and others to introduce the construction trades and training programs to the community. In 2022, the HBA received over 1,000 requests for information using the site.

The site serves as a digital conduit for prospective enrollees in the Enzweiler Building Institute. It also provides educators and those close to prospective enrollees with information about the Institute, how to finance their education, and explains partnerships that the HBA has established with local career and education coalition partners. 15% of the site’s visitors are returning, accounting for over 1,500 unique individuals in 2022. Coupled with nearly 9,000 new unique visitors in 2022, the site is getting results. Over 1,200 unique individuals visited the page three or more times in 2022. Of over 11,500 sessions in 2022, over 3,400 engaged with the site over one minute in length.