How to Generate Wealth and Grow Your Business


In the latest video in the BizTools “Business Basics” series, contributing expert Vince Butler, CAPS, GMB, GMR, explains the importance of “Profit vs. Wealth.”

During his presentation, Butler, a nationally recognized speaker on a wide range of construction management topics, defines the differences between short-term profitability and long-term growth, and explores reliable ways to build the latter. This is crucial for business owners — across multiple industries — because building wealth is a key factor to enjoying a comfortable retirement.

Through this instruction, viewers will:

  • Learn the difference between profit and wealth: Butler also highlights the important connection between profit and wealth: A business cannot create wealth without profit.
  • Explore the different paths to wealth — and which are most reliable: Wealth can be achieved in numerous ways, but none of them guarantee success. Each one relies on variables that are difficult — or impossible — to predict.
  • Discover the one "sure" way to accumulate wealth: Everyone’s plan is a little different, but there are certain things every plan must include to build wealth.

See a brief preview of Butler's presentation below, and access the full recording here.

Butler will also host a Shop Talk on “Profit vs. Wealth” on Tuesday, Jan. 23, at 3 p.m. ET, where he will field questions and discuss best practices for accumulating wealth. He will be joined by moderator Joyce Duerfeldt, administrator at Nationwide Contractors’ Alliance, Inc. and member of NAHB’s Business Management and Information Technology Committee.

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