NAHB Launches New Video Series With SGC Horizon


NAHB is excited to launch a new video series, featuring members of NAHB’s senior management team, in conjunction with our media partner, SGC Horizon. The series will comprise four videos each month on key topics of interest for the Federation, including:

  • Political and advocacy updates from NAHB CEO Jerry Howard,
  • Economic updates from NAHB Chief Economist Dr. Robert Dietz, and
  • Live filming of Housing Developments, NAHB's official podcast, featuring Jerry Howard and NAHB Chief Lobbyist Jim Tobin.

The series kicks off with Dr. Dietz’s Eye on Housing TV segment, in which he provides overview of the current lumber crisis. Dietz highlights the impact that skyrocketing prices are having on the cost of housing, additional supply chain challenges and economic indicators to monitor moving forward.

Watch the video below to learn more. Video segments will be available on SGC Horizon’s online platforms, as well as

NAHB will continue to leverage our relationship with SGC Horizon to maximize our exposure and ensure that our messages are reaching not only our members, but also the broader home-building community.

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