Express Your Client’s Unique Farmhouse Style with Windows and Doors

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What more can be said about farmhouse style— a look that has been around since the mid-1800s? Many farmhouses today represent the local architectural vernacular of former farmland that has since been transformed into suburban neighborhoods, and the style draws the imagination back to a slower, simpler past; one immersed in nature, community and comfort.

In the context of modern-day society—the farmhouse style represents a comforting home design that translates into everything beloved about slowing down and focusing on what’s important—especially in context of the post-pandemic worldview, which has prompted a return to authenticity and well-being.

Adaptive Design

Whether your customers yearn for a traditional home or gravitate towards an edgier, contemporary look, farmhouse adapts to all tastes, observes architect Brian Neeper. “You put the word ‘modern’ in front of it [farmhouse] and the unknown of modern allows us to dream and reach outside of the [conventional] farmhouse.” That ‘unknown’ opens the door to a design that is receptive to an eclectic genre, says luxury home builder Mark Adler, who observes an intermingling of styles, including Prairie Style and Craftsman looks.

Authentic Appeal

You may consider a specific window, grille, or mullion design for each side or each room of the home, based on curb appeal and views. For curb appeal, there is a tendency to lean a little more traditional in the front of the house and go with larger windows, says Neeper, who uses Andersen® A-Series and E-Series products. "If a site has great views, we’ll use corner windows and floor to ceiling glass to make this big connection between interior and exterior." It doesn’t necessarily have to be custom to suit the design, advises Neeper—for instance, it can be stacking units, which help stay within budget.

Softer Style

Windows dictate the architectural style of a home, but other façade materials can be blended to create a complementary look. "More industrial, contemporary window looks can be blended with traditional forms, or raw wood and oak elements to bring some organic warmth to balance out the industrial metal details," says Neeper. Adler has complemented farmhouse window styles with rain chains in a dark-rubbed bronze to give a zen, tranquil feel to the front porch—creating a bridge to the landscape where you can sit and contemplate the rainwater.

Connection to Nature

In a post-pandemic world where well-being is the new luxury, and the home has become a gym, a spa and otherwise wellness oasis, farmhouse style represents a beacon of health. Celebrate fresh air, daylight and views to nature—top strategies to achieve wellness within the walls of your home—by increasing the size and number of windows on your next farmhouse home/renovation project.

Andersen is your single source to suit every taste in farmhouse design. Home buyers and luxury home builders rely on Andersen’s broad selection of windows and doors to accentuate a personalized farmhouse style. Learn more.

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