Podcast: A Renewed Momentum on Housing Legislation

Material Costs

On the latest episode of Housing Developments, NAHB CEO Jerry Howard and Chief Lobbyist Jim Tobin discuss the steps that can be taken by the Biden administration to promote the mission of residential construction, now that the entire cabinet is officially confirmed.

During the podcast, the co-hosts discuss Senate Banking Committee Chairman Sherrod Brown’s new, housing-focused direction for the committee, and the opportunities Commerce Sec. Gina Raimondo and Housing and Urban Development Sec. Marcia Fudge can take to ensure housing remains a driving force of the national economy.

Plus, hear about NAHB’s efforts to launch the COVID-19 Vaccine Awareness Week in Construction, taking place the week of April 19. Visit nahb.org for more information and to take part in this important push for vaccinations in the home building industry.

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Jul 23, 2024

Share of Homes Built on Slabs Surges

The majority of new single-family homes started in 2023 were built on slab foundations, according to NAHB analysis of the Survey of Construction (SOC). The share of new homes built on slabs has risen steadily from 45.8% in 2000 to 72.4% in 2023.


Jul 22, 2024

What Is the Most Common Siding Material for Single-Family Homes?

According to the annual data from the Census Bureau’s  Survey of Construction (SOC), stucco was the most common principal siding material for new single-family homes started in 2023. See what other materials topped the list.

Housing Affordability | Membership

Jul 22, 2024

NAHB Helps HBAs Reduce Barriers to Housing Affordability

At the 2024 Spring Leadership Meeting, the State and Local Government Affairs Committee awarded eight home builders associations (HBAs) with financial assistance through the State and Local Issues Fund.

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Jul 23, 2024

Existing Home Sales Continued to Pull Back Amid Record High Prices

Existing home sales fell for the fourth straight month in June due to lingering high mortgage rates and record-high prices, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR).


Jul 22, 2024

Stucco Remains Most Used Principal Exterior Wall Material

Stucco was the most common principal siding material for new single-family homes started in 2023 at 26.8%, according to the annual data from the Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction (SOC).


Jul 19, 2024

Remodeling Market Sentiment Holds Steady in Second Quarter

The NAHB/Westlake Royal Remodeling Market Index (RMI) for the second quarter of 2024 posted a reading of 65, down one point compared to the previous quarter.


Jul 18, 2024

Top Ten Builder Share Declines in 2023

The top ten builders accounted for 42.2% of all new single-family home closings in 2023, down 1.3 percentage points from 2022 (43.5%).