Join Upcoming Webinar on Dismantling Structural Inequities in Zoning


There is overwhelming evidence that housing segregation and inequity in the United States was perpetuated in part by federal, state and local government land use and zoning policies. As key stakeholders in the housing industry, NAHB is looking to make an impact on these policies and help address the inequities present in the system.

In 2020, NAHB’s Land Development Committee created a Structural Inequities Working Group to study ways local government policies have created structural disparities in housing opportunity based on race and ethnicity.

“The building industry consists of and serves people from all circles of life,” stated Michael Fazio, a builder member from New York and chair of the Structural Inequities Working Group. “We are in a unique position to research, educate, and provide strategies to rectify the lasting effects of racism and discrimination in housing decisions. Our upcoming webinar will help to provide a starting point for change.”

To provide a clear example of how different jurisdictions are re-examining this issue, NAHB has convened a panel to discuss how housing advocates are proposing to revise state zoning laws to reduce segregation. The webinar, “Dismantling Structural Inequities in Zoning Through Legislation and Litigation: Connecticut as an Example,” will be held Thursday, March 11, at 12 p.m. ET. The webinar is organized by the NAHB Land Development Committee and the NAHB’s Legal Action Network for Development Strategies (LANDS) Group.


Registration is free. All NAHB members, including state and local housing advocates, and land use and housing legal practitioners, are invited to attend.

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