National Homeownership Month Toolkit

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New images are available for HBAs to use and download in the social media section of the toolkit.

National Homeownership Month in June is an opportunity to remind consumers about the evolving role of the home and its importance in our lives. NAHB has developed materials to help you highlight positive messages about the home building industry and provide consumers with information on the benefits of homeownership.

Planning Materials

In addition to using the prepared materials in this toolkit, consider observing National Homeownership Month in other ways. NAHB has a guide to observing National Homeownership Month available with program and event ideas to help elevate the value of homeownership in your community.

Media Materials

National Homeownership Month is a great time to pitch a specific story to local media who are always looking for a timely news hook. NAHB has a press release template and talking points available to help HBAs take advantage of the media opportunities available and bring recognition to the benefits of homeownership and the housing industry in your community.

NAHB’s best practices for handling media and public relations provides a quick refresher on how to conduct successful media interviews and educate the public about the real issues facing housing today.

Social Media Sample Posts and Images

To appeal to today’s media-savvy consumer, or the younger generation who will be tomorrow’s home buyers, consider adding content to your Facebook page, LinkedIn profile or Twitter feed.

NAHB’s Guide to Using Social Media can help you get started or use these sample social media posts to promote homeownership in your community. New Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter images from NAHB are available to download.

Social Media Videos

Add these 30-second videos to your social media accounts to promote the value of homeownership.

  1. Click the “Share Video” button and the video will open in a new tab.
  2. Then, click on the share icon (located next to the full-screen icon) at the bottom of the video screen.
  3. The share options will allow you to post directly to Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter if you are currently logged on to your HBA or business account.

NAHB can customize these videos with your HBA website and logo free of charge, contact Anna Briseno.

Why Do We Celebrate Homeownership?

Discover the Benefits of Homeownership

Consumer Advertisements

Eye-catching print ads to promote homeownership are available for social media and in full-page, half and quarter sizes. Ads can be customized with your HBA logo and website address free of charge, contact Anna Briseno.

Consumer Articles and Content

HBA staff can use these articles in their local newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and websites to provide timely consumer information to their communities. Additional content is available on our consumer articles page.

HBA staff can use any of the consumer content on this website to promote the benefits of homeownership in your community. You can use the content as-is or customize it for your local area.

Reports and Studies

You can use these NAHB blog posts and reports to help communicate the importance of homeownership and market developments/trends to your local media and home buyers.

Industry News
<p>Get the latest updates on key developments in the housing industry.</p>

Industry News

Industry News

Get the latest updates on key developments in the housing industry.

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Housing Economics
<p>In-depth economic analysis of the most significant issues and latest trends driving the housing industry.</p>

Housing Economics

Housing Economics

In-depth economic analysis of the most significant issues and latest trends driving the housing industry.

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Select from online courses, webinars and in-person classes and seminars.

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