Don’t Fear Technology, Embrace It!

Check out three home builder technologies that can help you grow your community and make the sale.

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New tech is developed every day, and it can be overwhelming. But, with the right time, effort, and training, we all can learn how to use technology to help us grow and evolve professionally.

The new home sales industry is no different. Many home builder technology platforms can help your sales consultants grow their personal brands, expand their networks and implement training. So what home builder software should you look into? Check out three platforms to help your new home sales consultants meet their sales goals.

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A CRM is a must-have — it keeps sales agents organized and on track. It stores all contacts and provides detailed analytics so they know which clients are the most profitable and, therefore, where they should allocate resources.

Many times, the next buyer is someone already in your consultants' contacts lists. That’s why it’s essential to understand the four types of contacts that every sales consultant should have:

  1. Prospects. Your sales agents have worked with these individuals in the past and they have not yet found their dream home. In your home builder CRM, agents can identify the most attractive target consumer profile for each community, what is most important to them, and then craft messaging that speaks to them.
  2. Home Owners. Word-of-mouth is so important. Most agents have worked with home owners who would happily recommend your communities. Sales consultants can go through your CRM and identify home owners they have worked with in the past few years and get in touch with them. They may have friends and/or family who are thinking of moving and could benefit from your expertise.
  3. Real Estate Agents. They should be in your CRM, too. Referrals for new clients typically come from real estate agents, and they can give tips for new listings.
  4. Local Businesses. Working closely with local businesses can help build close relationships with individuals in various industries. It’s smart to create special incentives for employees of local hospitals, fire departments, or the school district. Creating a list in the CRM will help keep outreach organized.

Many sales teams across the nation use New Home Connect™ as their home builder CRM. This easy-to-use platform can help drive traffic to your new home community. Plus, it has over 2,000 marketing campaigns, a “gamified” sales contest, and tactical guides and resources. The Peer Learning section also gives sales agents the ability to ask questions and source answers from experts in the industry.

2. Facebook

Social media is a fantastic way for sales consultants to build their brand and make new connections. In real estate, Facebook will likely be the best platform for achieving their goals.

It’s smart for consultants to build both a personal page and a business page on Facebook. The business page allows unlimited “Likes,” the ability to set appointments, gain valuable analytics, schedule content in advance, and reach a wider audience with paid advertising. Think of the personal page as a compliment to the business page. This is the way sales agents nurture relationships. After all, it’s much easier and natural to talk with a person and not a business logo.

3. ChatGPT and Other AI Software

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all the rage. This extremely useful tool can help with many tasks, including messaging for social media posts, emails and thank-you notes.

Has your team ever been stuck writing the perfect MLS listing or community profile? All they need to do is input the important information into AI, and it will craft a well-written listing or profile. AI can also be used to create simple blogs. Creating a “top 10 list” or a budget checklist is not a problem for this software.

Yesterday’s tactics don’t sell today’s houses. That’s why it’s important to embrace technology. And, New Home Star can help. Download the full ebook to learn more about how to use this home builder software, and schedule a call with one of our account executives today.