NAHB/Builders Mutual Safety Award for Excellence Winners


Contact: Brad Mannion
Director, Labor, Health & Safety
(202) 266-8265

The Safety Award for Excellence (SAFE) recognizes those in home building who have made successful efforts to advance jobsite safety in the industry. NAHB and its official safety sponsor, Builders Mutual, congratulate the 2023 winners.

The winners were honored at a ceremony in the IBS Jobsite Safety Zone on the show floor at the 2024 International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, Feb. 27-29.

NAHB Safety Champion of the Year

Ryan Berkhouse headshot

Ryan Berkhouse
The NRP Group
Cleveland, Ohio

Ryan oversees a dynamic safety department that actively manages safety protocols on up to 40 active construction projects throughout the U.S. The scale of his responsibilities is a testament to his ability to orchestrate safety measures on a national level, ensuring that the highest standards are consistently applied across diverse project sites. With Ryan’s innovative strategy of linking security features to the collective review and assessment of properties, he ensures that safety and security are intricately woven together for each project. This approach not only mitigates risks associated with property location but also sets a new standard for the industry. His impact on construction safety is marked by his initiation of an award-winning program, adept management of a sizable safety department, and the strategic integration of security measures into construction practices. His visionary leadership has not only established a culture of safety within NRP but has also influenced industry standards.

Leadership in Construction Safety

David Jaffe headshot

David Jaffe
Washington, D.C.

With more than 30 years of service at NAHB, David dedicated that time to spearheading the creation of various resources on mental health awareness and substance abuse prevention, as well as leading NAHB’s efforts in changing the culture in the construction industry around these critical issues. David saw the trend of growing mental health and substance abuse concerns throughout the industry and has since shifted the narrative within NAHB and throughout its membership to say these issues should be treated with the same seriousness as typical jobsite safety and health hazards. David’s contributions to member mental health and wellbeing have been important additions to the variety of safety and health materials NAHB already offers and continues to improve upon.

Job-Site Safety Institute Innovative Safety Idea of the Year

Ballantyne Gear logo

Eveook Fall Protection System by Ballantyne Gear
McKinney, Texas

The Eveook is designed to hook below the eaves on two opposite sides of a house. This product is used and trusted by roofers, solar panel installers, roof cleaners and other sectors in residential construction for its ability to let workers perform these tasks safely and efficiently.

The Eveook is installed from either the ground or a ladder (with fall protection) in as little as seven minutes by two people or under 15 minutes by one. Eveook installation for residential-style sloped roofs requires no nails or screws and doesn’t cause damage, despite having dozens of anchor points in one system. Able to withstand twice the OSHA standard for weight force ––10,000 lbs., not 5,000–– Eveook also meets ANSI Z359 standard for fall protection and restraint as well as other related OSHA standards.

Excellence in Mental Health Advocacy (Organization)


The NRP Group
Cleveland, Ohio

NRP has successfully incorporated mental health and wellbeing into its employment and employee benefits programs through a comprehensive approach that focuses on three key areas of wellness: financial, health, and mental. Examples of NRP’s success includes the implementation of enhanced Employee Assistance Program, engaging resources and programming that actively promotes mental health awareness and focuses on removing the stigma around the issue, a holistic approach to worker health, and other aspects that contribute to overall employee wellbeing. NRP’s approach aligns with the understanding that supporting mental health involves addressing various facets of an individual's life.

Excellence in Mental Health Advocacy (Individual)

Brandon Bryant headshot

Brandon Bryant
Asheville, N.C.

Brandon has actively partnered with NAHB and the North Carolina Home Builders Association (NCHBA) to bring mental health tools and awareness to builders and associates in the industry. He has championed the concept to normalize asking for help and understanding that mental health is just as important as physical wellbeing. Bryant has offered his time and expertise to assist in the development of NAHB’s and NCHBA’s Member Mental Health and Well Being initiative. He has participated in numerous industry podcasts bringing awareness to this topic and continues to find ways to normalize mental health in the home building industry.

Single-Family Safety Program of the Year (Fewer Than 10 Home Starts Per Year)

John Joseph Companies logo

John Joseph Companies
Green Bay, Wis.

John Joseph Companies follow a robust safety policy to ensure that its employees are safe and protected while on the jobsite and performing difficult tasks. They educate and execute this plan daily and hold their team and extended team (subcontractors, vendors, etc.) to this same standard. Their crew informs jobsite visitors of safety policies and educates them on the “why” of safety and construction protection. In sharing their knowledge and high standards with those companies we work with, they are able to spread knowledge of the importance of safety on the jobsite and the idea of team accountability to ensure all individuals on a jobsite remain safe.

Single-Family Safety Program of the Year (More Than 500 Home Starts Per Year)

David Weekley Homes logo

David Weekley Homes
Houston, Texas

At David Weekley Homes, their “Work Safe, Home Safe” program is a commitment to their team members and trade and vendor partners to ensure everyone returns home safely at the end of each day. Their safety team has implemented the following initiatives to prioritize jobsite safety top of mind for both internal and extended teams by requiring extensive onboarding and refresher training and regularly conducting field risk assessment and safety audits in every community every week. Additionally, their onsite team members are always monitoring for safety protocols and hosting safety meetings and toolbox talks for team members and trade partners monthly. With these practices in place, David Weekley has been able to promote a culture that focuses on keeping everyone safe.

Multi-Family Safety Program of the Year (Fewer Than 50 Employees)

Holland Construction

Holland Construction, Inc.
Denver, Colo.

Holland Partner Group (HPG) is a fully integrated real estate investment company with two decades of experience and is recognized as the most consistent and reliable delivery mechanism in the real estate industry. Holland’s vertically integrated platform consists of development, construction, acquisition, redevelopment, and property management. Their mission is to create a safe work environment that influences the attitudes of all who enter their jobsites and sends a message of intolerance in taking risks that could lead to workplace injury. Holland Construction is passionate about leading the industry by providing consistent leadership that changes the way people look at their relationship to safety.

Multi-Family Safety Program of the Year (More Than 50 Employees)

Van Metre Homes logo

Van Metre Homes
Ashburn, Va.

Van Metre has developed an all-embracing and comprehensive safety culture for its employees and tradespersons. Safety on their sites is dependent upon properly educating employees about hazards and encouraging them to value the health and safety of themselves and their fellow workers. The director of safety at Van Metre Homes utilizes lagging and leading indicators to track employee injury, their exposure, program implementation and the prevention of any illness, injury, property damage, or environmental spillage. Support of their safety practices trickles down from their senior managers to every level of their employees. Beginning with initial indoctrination training, employees are told that if he/she sees an unsafe act or someone being unsafe, he/she must say something. Overall, it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure safety is a part of their organizational culture.

Remodeler Safety Program of the Year (More Than 50 Employees)

Bennett Contracting logo

Bennett Contracting
Albany, N.Y.

By creating an internal safety committee, Bennett Contracting can better reduce workplace risks, injuries, accidents, and illnesses, while ensuring compliance with federal and state health and safety regulations. In addition to regular safety meetings held with employees at every level, they also offered video training sessions early in the COVID-19 pandemic and have transitioned back to in-person trainings. Bennett’s up-to-date Safety Manual and other resources are also readily accessible online for all employees through on their website. Additionally, they have incorporated safety into their annual performance review process for all employees.

Siding Contractor Safety Program of the Year

Alan Shintani, Inc. Logo

Alan Shintani, Inc.
Waipahu, Hawaii

Since 1979, Alan Shintani, Inc. has expanded and evolved to become a highly recognized and respected member of Hawaii’s construction industry. Alan Shintani’s emphasis on “safety first” is backed by our comprehensive safety policy and enforcement. It is a strict requirement covering safety, health, and accident prevention implemented through regular project safety meetings, continuing education, training and certification, and making resources available. Its commitment to a high standard of safety has resulted in receiving numerous awards from the Army Corp of Engineers, Hawaii Occupational Safety and Health, and more.

Associate Member Safety Program of the Year (More Than 50 Employees)

Floform Countertops logo

Floform Countertops LLC
Kent, Wash.

Floform’s Health & Safety Policy Program is a written commitment to providing guidance and direction for their workers to work safely, in addition to those who do business with them, such as subcontractors, suppliers, & vendors.  It's also established to protect our visitors who may visit our work sites and for protection of the public who may come into or near them. Floform’s Safety Program and its effectiveness can only be achieved through a spirit of consultation and cooperation with all personnel & subcontractors. To accomplish this objective, their program includes relevant employee training, job-specific safe work practices, personal protective equipment, operation and maintenance procedures, and safety guidelines that focus management, employee, and contractor awareness on reducing the risk of incidents in all activities.

Specialty Trade Contractor Safety Program of the Year (Fewer Than 50 Employees)

Northbound Masonry logo

Northbound Masonry
Stanwood, Wash.

At Northbound, safety is a core value and an integral part of their operations. They are committed to creating a safe and secure working environment for all employees, which starts even before an employee enters a jobsite for the first time. New employees are sent the Employee Safety Handbook, and other safety documentation is always available to their employees online. Northbound also conducts weekly toolbox talks on every jobsite and can be accessed through their company’s app. In addition to having a Sit-Specific Safety Plan on every site, in the same binder we include our WIPPS Workplace Injury Procedure Packets in case of an injury occurrence. Our steadfast dedication to safety is reflected in our maintenance of one of the lowest Experience Modification Rate (EMR) ratings within our industry.

Specialty Trade Contractor Safety Program of the Year (More Than 50 Employees)

Perry Engineering logo

Matt Murphy

Perry Engineering
Winchester, Va.

Perry Engineering has developed a strong safety culture and structured its multi-award-winning safety program around OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program. They also get actively involve their employees in the development of their safety practices and training by seeking their input and suggestions on a daily basis, as well as by monthly participation on the Safety Committee. Additionally, Perry Engineering issues wallet cards with QR codes to make it easy for employees to submit safety suggestions or concerns to management. This card also contains a separate QR code linked to a local mental health hotline. Safety stand-downs are held frequently to discuss recent incidents, new safety concerns, and for participation in events such as the OSHA National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls, OSHA Safe+Sound Week, and NIOSH National Stand-Down to Prevent Struck-by Incidents, among others.

NAHB Student Chapter Safety Program of the Year

BYU-Idaho logo

Brigham Young University-Idaho
Rexburg, Idaho

Every member of BYU-Idaho’s student chapter that is majoring in Construction Management takes a required Construction Safety course, focusing on Hazard Recognition and creating productive contributors capable of promoting safe and efficient construction methods for residential construction. Additionally, these students must write and publish a company safety manual detailing safety policy and procedures for a construction company that they may own in the future. Students who also meet the attendance requirements set forth by OSHA also qualify for their OSHA 30-hour construction card.

State or Local Association Safety Program of the Year

MBA of Snohomish and King Counties logo

Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties
Bellevue, Wash.

The Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties offers a safety incentive program to members known as GRIP. GRIP’s main objective is to facilitate safer work environments through employer outreach, education, engagement, and consultation. The services offered to members as part of GRIP include risk review, safety gap analysis and an injury emphasis program, and more. Additionally, GRIP offers an annual Safety Excellence Award program designed to identify and recognize members who have established an exceptional safety program. GRIP is a cornerstone benefit of the BIA’s membership and one of the top reasons members cite for joining the association. GRIP has served more than 2,200 members since the program was started in 2010, with a current enrollment of over 800.