NAHB Global Opportunities Board Shop Talk

How Builders Can Address the Global Issue of Counterfeit & Non-Conforming Building Products

Register to join a FREE discussion about addressing counterfeit and non-conforming building materials in global markets during a Shop Talk on Oct. 20, 7-8 p.m. ET.

Counterfeit and non-conforming products have long plagued the residential construction industry globally. Hear high level insight from our colleagues in Australia, Simon Croft, Executive Director, Building Policy & Services, Housing Industry Association, and in Taiwan-US, Jeff Ko, President, Bon Windows Treatment LLC, about how they are proactively working to address the challenges caused by such products and secure the future of our industry. The discussion will be moderated by Jason August, chair of the Education Working Group, NAHB Global Opportunities Board and senior vice president of North Star Synergies, Inc.


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