How to Improve Project Management Efficiency


Standout project managers are in high demand, especially those who know how to work efficiently with a variety of tools.

On June 18 and 25, Colby Walter, CGP, CMB, will lead a live, online education course titled "Project Management" to train and give tips to industry professionals of all backgrounds and skill levels.

"In the course, I’ll talk about some of the project management tools that solve common questions like, "What kind of files should we be keeping?" and "What’s a good way to keep things organized?" said Walter, who is the owner of Construction Experts, LLC.

Participants will also learn how to perform critical management duties, plan a project and manage trade contractors effectively. The course will benefit not only project managers, but anyone who is involved in the construction or pre-construction process, including sales managers and small-volume builders.

"All those who take the course will bring additional value to their company," said Walter, who has more than 25 years of construction experience as a builder and project manager. "And in the end, it will also benefit the home owner because you’ll become a reliable and efficient project manager who knows how to effectively utilize the right management tools."

This class counts for 6 continuing education credits.

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