Cluster Box Unit Mail Delivery

Land Development

Resolved that the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) urge the United States Postal Service (USPS) to maintain the option of curbside or sidewalk delivery in new residential developments;

Further resolved that NAHB actively oppose any effort by the USPS to mandate cluster mailbox delivery as the “preferred” method of delivery in new residential developments;

Further resolved that NAHB encourage USPS to recognize that the various modes of delivery contained in the current Postal Operations Manual are valid for use by developers and builders;

Further resolved that if a Builder or Developer chooses to install cluster mailboxes, that the USPS allow private companies to install cluster boxes, collect fees and maintain the boxes in new subdivisions;

Further resolved that NAHB urge the Postal Regulatory Commission to ensure through its oversight that the USPS abandon any policy that may disproportionately affect rural, lower income, elderly, disabled, and predominately minority communities across the country;

Further resolved that NAHB urge the USPS to provide for the maintenance of cluster mailbox units and hold harmless and indemnify builders or developers that choose to install cluster boxes if a builder or developer installs cluster mailbox units in accordance with the National Delivery Planning Standards: A Guide for Builders and Developers;

Further resolved that NAHB urge Congress to consider ways to encourage local conversations to examine the potential benefits and problems associated with widespread adoption of centralized delivery;

Further resolved that if cluster mailbox delivery is the chosen method, NAHB urge improved communication of this preference to local homebuilders and developers;

Further resolved that NAHB supports the effort to allow state and local government to decide whether cluster boxes must be installed in new developments.

Resolution originally adopted: 2024.2, Resolution No. 1

Committee with primary jurisdiction: Land Development Committee

Full Resolution The full text of this resolution is available for download