Webinar Replays

Bringing a Fractured Industry Together: Modular Mobilization Coalition

Modular experts Vaughn Buckley, President of Volumetric Building Companies, and Colby Swanson, Director of the Modular Mobilization Coalition, highlight how modular construction can bring multifamily projects from paper to vertical assembly in just 90 days!

Panelized Construction: Versatility for Every Project

Leading experts Dan Mitchell and Michael Weber highlight key panelized construction methods including — prefabricated trusses, structural insulated panels, log and timber packages, and a host of concrete building methods you can implement in your next residential construction project.

First Time Success with Modular Construction

Modular expert and 2020 Building Systems Council Builder of the Year, Ken Semler, shares his top tips for avoiding common hiccups builders often experience on their first modular projects.

The Impact of Modular and Panelized Construction on Affordable Housing

Eric Holt, Assistant Professor at the University of Denver, discusses the yearlong research his team has put together on affordable housing through the lens of modular and panelized construction.

Builder Attitudes Towards Systems Built Construction

Ed Hudson, Director of Market Research at the Home Innovation Research Labs, present the findings of a recent survey that gathered the perspective of residential builders and their thoughts on offsite construction techniques.

State of the Offsite Construction Industry

Association executives, who represent the leading forms of offsite construction, provide insights on their respective manufacturing methods.