Valerie Jurik-Henry More about Valerie Jurik-Henry Valerie is a professional consultant, speaker, author, and Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS). With over 30 years experience in housing and healthcare she has a unique view when it comes to educating businesses, industries and families about Aging in Place, its impact and value proposition. Aging In Place simply means ‘to live at home for as long as possible' but what if that home isn't user friendly at some point in life? Valerie works with builders and businesses to embark in the Aging In Place market so they can offer choices of 'ageless' homes to capture a larger customer base. She works to help the builder and manufacturer understand that Aging In Place is NOT only for the older generation - it's for EVERY generation. Valerie has a broad understanding of Universal, Inclusive and Accessible design. This does not mean metal grab bars, raised toilet seats and door levers. It means stylish, modern and user friendly spaces that work for everyone from ages of 5-105. Valerie realizes how important choices are in life. A choice can only be made if people are presented with two or more options. Getting on board with offering 1 or 2 versions of a house that is proven timeless will not only push forward your business forward but also set you aside from your competition. Valerie became a speaker and consultant to help businesses see these important decisions as educated choices and not a gamble. With her years of experience she navigates the waters to help you better understand Aging In Place and how to engage in the market.