Rob Baugher More about Rob Baugher Over 40 years as owner of a remodeling business, host of a call in radio show for 10 years, Rob has owned 18 other businesses while he was remodeling, mostly trade related. He is a plumbing, electrical, real estate, home improvement magazine publisher. He was named Remodeling Magazine's Big 50 in 1988, Birmingham Remodeler of the Year, State of Alabama Remodeler of the Year, NAHBR -Spike club member (75+). Rob is also a local monthly remodeling magazine's columnist for 4 years, pioneer of design/remodel with 3D computer graphics and virtual tours of projects in his state. He is trained by the best in our industry, W. Stoeppelwerth, L. Case, D. Love. Remodel 20, Remodelers Advantage, hundreds of Trade Show education courses, thousands of Trade Magazine articles and books.