Maxine Lauer More about Maxine Lauer Maxine Lauer founded Sphere Trending 16 years ago to bring macro, engagement and design trend research together for original strategies, combining previously separate research into a new discipline. Sphere Trending clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as others in retail and manufacturing of flooring, building materials, arts and crafts, tabletops, electronics, indoor and outdoor furniture, other household consumables and commercial environments. Lauer is a nationally known speaker for trend consulting and has led keynotes and discussions at trade shows such as Color Marketing Group, Surfaces, Coverings, the International Housewares Show, Hardware Show, and Highpoint Furniture Markets. She’s been quoted in such publications as Coverings, Home Furnishing News (HFN), Forbes, Casual Living and Hearth & Home. Feature articles about Sphere have appeared in the Detroit Free Press and DBusiness Magazine.