MJ Durkin More about MJ Durkin MJ Durkin’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to start a business at age 26 that in a few short years was cash flowing over $1,000,000. Managing a sales force of 13 “in-home” sales people and doing over 2,327 “kitchen table” presentations enabled him to develop a presentation process that helps the prospect to “close” themselves – on the spot! MJ sold that business for a healthy profit and started a sales training and personal growth business that has helped thousands of people reach their sales and success goals. MJ Durkin has been a keynote speaker and presenter for some of the world’s largest Sales and Marketing organizations sharing the stage with such speaking greats as Les Brown and Brian Tracy. He is the author of seven books including his book, Double Your Contacts, which has sold over 313,000 copies and over 1,000,000 of his audio programs “Recommendation Selling®” and “The Confidence Course® have been purchased worldwide. He is the father of two sons, Corey and Tyler, has two “bonus children” Kevin and Dani. MJ is married to the “Beautiful Bonnie” and lives in the Northern Hills of CT in a small New England town called New Milford. He is a teacher, educator, trainer and is known for his very direct, engaging speaking style and his emphasis on skills based and “how to” training.