Jim McKinley More about Jim McKinley As an Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing at Baylor University and a founding partner of digital marketing agency (un)Common Logic, Jim McKinley has a range of knowledge and experience in his field that's (un)commonly wide and deep. Throughout his career, Jim has applied his love of data and his entrepreneurial spirit to grow companies through smart digital marketing. Prior to founding (un)Common Logic, Jim was an entrepreneur-in-residence at SSM Ventures and co-founded SmartPrice, Inc. in 1999. The company raised $8M in venture capital and provided a free service that helped businesses and consumers compare, select, and manage telecommunication services. In his role as VP of Marketing and Sales, Jim and his team acquired more than 250,000 customers in the early days of digital marketing. In the early days of (un)Common Logic, Jim managed all aspects of the business: tactical digital marketing expertise, account management, training and development of talent and new customer acquisition. Now the company has grown to 30+ analysts, account managers, and support staff, leaving Jim to advise on strategic matters but still get into the trenches on special projects. Jim also serves as an informal advisor to several small companies in the Austin area and enjoys basketball, travel, and spending time with his family. Jim has run 28 marathons, is related to Texas legend Stephen F. Austin, and is still a major data nerd.