Heath Racela More about Heath Racela As Senior Producer and Director of Ask This Old House, Heath Racela oversees the creation of twenty-six episodes each season from beginning to end. His days are spent combing through viewer emails and tweets finding home improvement projects from homeowners across the country, scheduling house call shoots, and seeking out innovative products to showcase on the show. Working closely with the on-camera experts, he ensures that each segment is chock full of useful information and teaches basic home improvement skills that can apply to a variety of projects. Heath joined the crew as Production Assistant in 2005 during the This Old House Cambridge Modern project, working on both This Old House and Ask This Old House. After working on twelve This Old House projects, he moved to Ask This Old House full time in 2011. Heath began working with video at an early age. In high school, he produced and hosted Neighborhood Freak Show, a cable access show that aired in his hometown of Cleveland and throughout Northeast Ohio. Heath earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Emerson College in Boston. Heath now lives in a hundred-year-old home in Massachusetts with his wife and two children, and he takes pride in trying a variety of projects. "I learned from these guys that the most important thing is having solid systems in place behind the walls. We still haven’t done a lot of painting or decorating, but we upgraded our electrical system, heating system, hot water heater, insulation, and even installed a solar photovoltaic array." Heath also enjoys gardening, growing both flowers and vegetables. Heath earned an Emmy award for his work on the documentary New Orleans: Getting Back to Normal, and has earned three nominations for his work on Ask This Old House.