Fletcher Groves More about Fletcher Groves Fletcher L. Groves, III is Vice President and a senior consultant at SAI. For the past 21 years, he has been the lead consultant for SAI professional staff engaged in the real estate and construction industries. Groves graduated from Lambuth University (now part of the University of Memphis) in 1972, with a BS in Business Management. He received his Florida Real Estate Brokers license in 1984 and his Florida Certified Residential Contractors license in 1990. His qualifications include a thirty-plus year background in homebuilding, real estate development, management consulting, and commercial banking. His experience includes commercial and real estate lending positions with Bank of America (Barnett Bank) and management positions at Arthur Rutenberg Homes. Knowledgeable in all areas of SAI’s expertise, he was a prime contributor in the development of the firm’s consulting model, which applies that expertise in the context of a results-based, constraint-management approach to continuous improvement. He monitors SAI’s participation in the Lean Pathways consulting consortium, and manages the firm’s strategic partnerships with BuilderMT, Continuum Advisory Group, and iGrafx. He is the author of The Pipeline: A Picture of Homebuilding Production©, the writer and moderator of SAI’s Escape from Averageness® weblog, the primary facilitator at Pipeline workshops™, and is a featured speaker at IBS, Housing Leadership Summit, Builder Technology Summit, and other conferences. He writes and speaks on issues affecting operating performance, profitability, and economic return. He also designs and directs Reference Point™, the firm’s periodic survey of management practices in the homebuilding industry.