Ed Binkley More about Ed Binkley Ed Binkley has been instrumental in responsive housing design since 1985. He has a strong focus on designing homes that live easy and smart. This focus is obvious on all types of housing from single family to multifamily and that strategy also focuses on how buildings come together, how the spaces in between are addressed, and how to create “community” within every project. He is also a pioneer in the “small house movement” and has an efficient, affordable, green, systems approach to housing, which coincides with his development of “the shelter series,” a collection of small rapidly-built homes that incorporate sustainable principles. Ed’s experience includes work with national and international green housing programs and the design of several demonstration homes that highlight effective design principles. He was the design architect for the 2005 and 2007 New American Home as well as the 2011 Green Builder Vision House in Orlando. Ed is a frequent national speaker and contributing editor to national publications in areas of housing.