David Cooper More about David Cooper Dave Cooper is a Offsite Industrialized Construction (MMC) Expert. Dave has brought his Offsite Construction passion to life as a video entrepreneur and consultant who believes in the art of conversation, connecting people, creating an environment of inclusivity and idea generation in order to innovate and grow the construction industry. With over twenty years of experience working with individual clients, manufacturers, suppliers and a range of businesses and trade partners in between, he believes in connecting people and delivering results. Through DaveCooper.Live, Dave hosts weekly LIVE online editorial shows that broadcast on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. All are rooted in Innovation in Construction, Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), and include the topics of Building Systems, Building Science, Expert Interviews and Product Spotlight. Our top tier guests and topics are broadcasted from around the world. Dave is also an active Board of Trustee's member of the Building Systems Council