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What It's About:

As homebuilders and residential developers grow their companies, they often look for opportunities to diversify their development activities into attached, multifamily and rental products, including townhouses, condominiums, stacked flats, and both single‐family and multifamily properties. This session explores the opportunities and potential pitfalls of such diversification. Gain insights as several home builders, developers, and other experts share their experiences of developing attached/multifamily housing and rental properties.

What You'll Learn:

  • Understand the challenges and pitfalls of diversifying into attached, multifamily and rental product types.
  • Identify the financial benefits and risks of owning income‐producing rental properties.
  • Discover the basics of how rental properties are financed, and the issues involved in building them.
  • Explore the opportunities around attached, multifamily and rental property and learn how to set up an appropriate and effective leasing, sales and management teams.