Land Development

The development industry faces increasing challenges in these times of expanding and conflicting regulations, lengthy and confusing approval processes across different levels of government, and vastly differing notions about where, when, and how development will be allowed to proceed.

Policy Statement

NAHB urges policy makers at all levels of government to monitor land use and environmental laws, regulations, rules, ordinances, and approval procedures to ensure that:

  • A clear and compelling need for the regulation exists;
  • Land use regulations serve a reasonable need and complement national housing goals;
  • Standards are technologically feasible, cost effective and attainable;
  • The benefit of the standards outweighs the cost;
  • Environmental rulings and regulations are predicated on the best scientific facts after peer review;
  • The property owner’s inherent property rights and reasonable use of the land are protected.

Why It Matters

Land use policy must balance the cost of regulatory compliance and the effects of housing affordability for families across the economic spectrum. Families should be able to choose a home that meets their needs at a price that they can afford. A significant body of research makes clear that the proliferation of regulations affecting land development has greatly increased the costs of creating new housing.


Deb Bassert