NAHB House Price Estimator

The single-family detached house price estimator is based on a model developed by NAHB using well-established statistical techniques and data from the American Housing Survey (conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau and funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development).

The amount of geographic detail in the survey is somewhat limited, however, so the output of the estimator is an average price cross a broad Census region, not the price of a specific home in a specific neighborhood. Also, no survey or model can capture all features that potentially affect house prices. Hence, there's always a chance that a particular feature in the model is acting partly as a proxy for others.

With these caveats in mind, viewers can access the estimator and run it online. The estimator is a macro-enabled Excel workbook (a file with an .xlsm extension). To run it successfully, you will need a recent version of Microsoft Excel installed on your computer, with security set to allow macros to run. And you will need to do this BEFORE YOU OPEN THE ESTIMATOR online. After you are finished with the estimator, you can reset the security setting for protection.

If your computer has Microsoft Excel with security set to allow macros to run, you may open the NAHB house price estimator. The estimator is designed to run on NAHB’s web site; so it will not work if you save it to your computer and try to run it from there.

Please note: We’ve tested the online version of the estimator in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. We can’t guarantee that it’s compatible with all other browsers. Also, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) may be configured in a way that doesn’t allow the estimator to run. If you have Excel set to allow macros to run and still experience problems, we recommend trying to access the estimator from on a different computer, with a different browser and ISP.