The Longleaf Lodge

The 2018 BSC Jerry Rouleau Awards for Excellence in Marketing and Home Design

Image of the front exterior

Home of Distinction: Log Home Design – More than 4,001 square feet

Manufacturer: Southland Log Homes

Square Feet: 13,406

A natural culmination of recent market trends, The Long Leaf Lodge offers a graceful combination of a classic large-scale log home with striking timber frame elements that add distinctive character to both the exterior and the interior of the home. On the exterior, the timber frame elements enhance the grand scale of The Long Leaf Lodge. In the interior, the timber frame components add additional drama and character.

Log home and timber frame elements contribute to a striking, classic appearance of the home's front elevation. The stone foundation sheathing provides consistently weighty support for the grand scale of The Long Leaf Lodge. The walk-out first floor adds substantial living area, and great access to the outdoors.

About This Floor Plan

Location: Clemmons, NC

Dining Area
Side Exterior
Rear Exterior