Construction Codes & Standards Emerging Leaders Program

Become involved in the development of building codes that affect and shape the home building industry.

The NAHB Construction Codes & Standards Emerging Leaders Program aims to accelerate the advancement of NAHB members who are interested in the development of building codes and how they affect home builders. For those members who are interested in construction and building codes, the Emerging Leaders Program provides opportunities to gain relevant education and experience as an Emerging Leader in NAHB’s ongoing codes development efforts.


Emerging Leaders selected for the program commit to attending and participating in meetings and activities including:

  • NAHB Construction Codes & Standard Committee and Subcommittee meetings (in-person, conference calls, and web-conferences)
  • Proposal Oversight Group (POG) meetings
  • ICC Committee Action Hearings and other meetings in the Code Development Process
  • Communicating regularly with assigned mentors via phone call or email
  • Building code reference standard development committees
  • Developing relationships with code officials (ICC voters) and providing information to them that articulates NAHB positions on code proposals
  • Assist state and local HBAs in adopting and amending local codes

Emerging Leaders/Mentor Timeline

Each Emerging Leader is paired with two Mentors for guidance and support for the duration of their term. Emerging Leaders are selected and approved by current NAHB members prior to the start of a code cycle. The term for each Emerging Leader may last up to three years with continued participation over several terms.

NAHB Building Codes Resources

Apply to the Emerging Leaders Program

Emerging leaders are selected by current NAHB Construction Codes & Standards Committee Members. If you’re interested in participating in the code development process, submit the form below to get started: