Workforce Development

NAHB wants to make sure that there are plenty of employment opportunities for young people interested in the home building industry – and that young people continue to be interested in pursuing a career building the homes of tomorrow.

The association does that through its support of HBI, the workforce development arm of NAHB and its career-building programs including Job Corps, Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate Training (PACT) and Residential Construction Superintendent Certification

NAHB also supports and advocates for local, state and federal funds used to support industry-sponsored and validated programs that have been proven to be successful: the Job Corps and PACT programs are cost-effective means of providing training and employment opportunities to individuals who are unable to compete in the labor market and of supplying the construction industry with a source of well-trained and motivated workers.

In addition, NAHB has a vibrant, healthy student chapters program for both high school and college-age youth, sponsors the Residential Construction Management Competition at the International Builders’ Show, and looks for opportunities to showcase home building careers.

Policy Statement

NAHB strives to promote positive working relationships between state and local HBAs and career and technical education institutions to promote and advance careers in the home building industry.

Why It Matters

Ensuring a consistent, reliable influx of new workers is important in an industry that is continuing to grow.

NAHB members are passionate about their trade and professions. Nothing is more rewarding than being able to provide a home of one’s own to a young family. NAHB members also derive personal and professional satisfaction from mentoring construction management students in college programs and the budding carpenters, roofers and others interested in the trades.