As regulations become more complex, developers need tools to advocate for smart, flexible stormwater management. The NAHB stormwater toolkit provides a menu of resources to help you make the case for programs that provide a clear path to compliance, reduce redundancy and meet water quality goals, including a 90-minute webcast replay with presentations from successful programs and partnerships.

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Stormwater 101
New to stormwater management? Become familiar with basic federal requirements and programs.


Small Lot Template
Save money by switching to a streamlined compliance checklist for small sites.


EPA Construction General Permit
Keep up to date with latest EPA Construction General Permit (CGP) news.

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Stormwater Planning Checklists
Don’t flush money down the storm drain! Plan for post-construction controls before you break ground.

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A Developers Guide to Post-Construction
Compare requirements, become familiar with common state permitting approaches and how to make them workable in the field.


Barriers to Cost-Effective Green Infrastructure
Tell regulators how to make green infrastructure work in your community.

Action Alerts