2018 I-Codes Adoption Kit

Jurisdictions at the state or local level periodically update the building code requirements. During the code adoption process, there are typically questions related to the new changes and cost impacts of the code edition being considered for adoption. This kit addresses these concerns for adoption of the 2018 I-Codes and provides NAHB-suggested amendments that take into account concerns from builders, including cost-effectiveness and payback for home buyers.

The 2018 I-Codes Adoption Kit consists of three parts: 
  • Significant changes that were made in the 2018 I-Codes from the 2015 editions. Below, you will see that there is one section for single-family construction and another for multifamily.
  • Cost impact of adopting the 2018 IRC to the 2015 edition.
  • NAHB-suggested amendments to improve the codes’ practicality and cost effectiveness.

Significant Changes to the 2018 IRC and IECC: Single-Family

Significant Changes to the 2018 I-Codes Multifamily

Cost Impact for Adoption of the 2018 IRC

Suggested Amendments

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