2015 I-Codes Adoption Kit

Every three years, the International Code Council (ICC) updates its model building codes to reflect the latest advancement in building technology and materials. State and local authorities also periodically update their building code requirements to reflect the changes that the ICC has made.

During the code adoption process, there are often questions about the efficacy and the cost impact of these changes. This kit will help alleviate some concerns regarding the code changes approved for the 2015 versions. NAHB-suggested amendments are those that reflect concerns from builders on behalf of their buyers to help maintain cost-effective standards.

The 2015 I-Codes Adoption Kit consists of four parts:

  • Significant changes that were made in the 2015 I-Codes from the 2012 editions
  • Cost impact of adopting the 2015 International Residential code from to the 2012 edition
  • NAHB-suggested amendments to improve the codes’ practicality and cost effectiveness
  • Additional resources to help you improve the codes as adopted

Significant Changes to the 2015 IRC and IECC

Cost Impact for Adoption of the 2015 IRC

Suggested Amendments

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