Code Adoption Kits

Building codes are adopted at the state or local level typically on a three- to six-year timeframe. However, most building codes are developed on a consistent three-year cycle as "model" codes with the intent that they can be amended by the jurisdiction prior to adoption.

NAHB is very closely involved with the development of the major model codes. Staff and members participate in the code development process to make the codes as usable and affordable as possible. However, some changes are incorporated into the codes that NAHB does not support.

NAHB has developed Code Adoption Kits to assist state and local HBAs during the code adoption process to better explain the implications of the new codes. These kits also include amendments to address issues identified by NAHB members and staff.

Jurisdictions often amend the code before adopting the model codes to take into account local considerations, such as geography, climate and local practices. NAHB has developed suggested amendments that may improve the model codes adopted in your jurisdiction.

Please contact the NAHB Construction, Codes and Standards staff via the email addresses below or by calling 800-368-5242 and the following extensions:
  • Craig Drumheller, x8565. Assistant Vice President
  • Gary Ehrlich, x8545. Director: Structural, Resilience
  • Dan Buuck, x8366. Senior Program Manager: Fire, Egress, Electrical
  • Don Surrena, x8574. Senior Program Manager: Plumbing, Mechanical, Fuel Gas
  • Cesar Lujan, x8303. Program Manager: Fire-resistant Construction, Accessibility,Use and Occupancy
  • Joel Martell, x8566. Program Manager: Energy and Green
NAHB Codes and Standards Staff also are liaisons to assigned states. If there is a topic-specific question, please use the appropriate contact listed above, if there is a general questions on code adoption or interpretation, please use the map for the staff member for your state.