Visualization Technology Keeps Contracted Homeowners on Track

By Kari Tamminga, Paradigm Product Owner

A big part of home visualization technology’s value is its ability to help homebuyers customize their dream home by visualizing design options on their own time before buying. And while builders benefit from such a powerful sales tool, buyers eventually have to stop visualizing and start approving key design features that allow construction to begin.

Creating an enjoyable homebuying experience while maintaining an orderly home design and building procedure is critical for both the buyer and builder.  That’s where Paradigm Omni shines.

To start, Paradigm Omni offers homebuyers an inspiring 3D home design experience that lets them visualize their dream home and save key design selections before breaking ground. Builders can then send homebuyers a personal link to their contracted house featuring all the homeowner’s saved choices and confirm critical decisions, such as the drawn options on the home, which enables you to pull building permits.

After the contract is signed, Paradigm Omni’s configuration and visualization tools continue to facilitate a thorough co-design process. A Design Portal pairs homeowner and designer to collaborate and lock interior and exterior aesthetic choices within contracted building allowances and even view room-by-room option pricing.

From there, designers can access the portal to refine the home’s design in a methodical workflow that ensures a smooth and error-free build, while assuring the homeowner that their ideas have been heard and included in the final plan.

Bottom line: Virtual home design software certainly helps sell homes.  But its visualization and workflow capabilities can also aid in finalizing contracts and managing design decisions throughout the build.

Learn More: Request your personalized demo to visualize can see how Paradigm Omni can help build your homebuilding business. 


Paradigm Omni Visualization Technology Keeps Contracted Homeowners on Track

Use Paradigm Omni to co-design with homeowner, visualize choices, and provide advice on homeowner selections.

Paradigm Omni Design Portal

Paradigm Omni’s Designer Portal stores all contracted homes. Access the portal for homeowner design meetings, sending personalized homeowner links, locking in choices, and more.

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