Thermador Shares 5 Ways Smart Appliances Streamline Clients’ Lives

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According to a recent survey conducted by Thermador, 42% of Americans desire smart technology as part of their dream homes. As integrated homes become more prominent, clients are looking for ways their smart homes – and smart appliances – can help them simplify their lives.

Luckily, Thermador offers an entire kitchen suite of connected products to make the day-to-day easier. The guide below provides five effortless ways your clients’ smart appliances, enabled with Home Connect™, can streamline their daily routines.

Easy Use & Care Manual Access:

Beginning the journey with connected appliances can sound intimidating, but it’s easy with Home Connect™. After clients pair their appliances, the Use & Care Guide will automatically be stored within the Home Connect™ app for instant access whenever they need it. Whether they are new to cooking in a Steam Oven, or they’re not sure how to best adjust the Wine Column temperatures, clients are just a tap away from instructions and helpful guides.

Remote Start and Control:

One of the key benefits of smart appliances enabled with Home Connect™ is their remote capabilities. Whether clients are busy in another room, or running errands out and about, their smart appliances’ remote functions can help them manage everyday tasks and chores quickly and efficiently. For example, users can start the day right with fresh-brewed coffee made with the press of a button. With the Thermador Built-in Fully Automatic Coffee Machine with Home Connect™, clients can remote start their favorite beverage from the comfort of their bed, or while getting ready for the day.

Similarly, if in a hurry to get dinner on the table, Home Connect™ can take the lead and preheat the Wall Oven with one tap on a smart device. Once a meal is in the oven, clients can receive notifications to let them know when their dish is ready to be enjoyed. It’s the ultimate convenience.

Hands-Free Access:

Clients can opt for hands-free control of their smart appliances with Home Connect™ integrations. When they pair their smart appliance with a variety of Thermador partners – such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant – they can control their smart appliance with the sound of their voice. To keep things clean while tidying up the kitchen, clients can say “Start my dishwasher,” and their Thermador Dishwasher will take care of the rest.

Helpful Reminders for Peace of Mind:

Not only is Home Connect™ a handy tool, but it can also be a safety measure. When smart appliances are connected to a smart device, clients can receive helpful alerts to make sure the kitchen is functioning at its best. For example, perhaps the kids forgot to close the refrigerator while getting a snack. Their smart devices will receive a notification to let them know the fridge is open, helping to ensure groceries stay at the proper temperature. Or, if clients left home wondering if the oven was kept on, Home Connect™ enables them to check the on/off status from their smart devices for total peace of mind.

Recipe Ideas for Mealtime:

Home Connect™ can help make mealtime more convenient, with a variety of integrations that take out the guesswork. Chefling, for example, can help clients plan, shop and cook with ease by providing recipe suggestions by ingredient and helping to manage pantry and refrigerator inventory. Similarly, SideChef offers thousands of recipes, cooking instructions, food education, meal planning features and more.

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