Thermador Delivers Luxury Living Experience with WiFi-Enabled Appliances in the Kitchen and Beyond

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Thermador Wifi Appliamces

In today’s technology-focused world, clients are looking for ways to streamline and simplify their routines from the palms of their hands. With a plethora of connected devices on the market in every category, it’s no surprise that smart technology is continuing to enhance our experience in the kitchen. And with the Home Connect™ app, Thermador makes connecting your clients’ smart home products seamless — in the kitchen and beyond.

Home Connect™ integrates with Thermador WiFi Appliances, giving clients the ability to control and monitor select appliances all from one app. Home Connect™ is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and for hands-free help around the house. The integration offers customization, allowing homeowners to pair appliances in the Masterpiece® and Professional Collections to build a home that is unique to their unique lifestyles. Smart appliances paired with the Home Connect™ app can truly transform clients’ daily routines, offering on-the-go control directly from their smart devices and effortlessly elevating their living experience.

With the largest connected appliance portfolio of cooktops, ovens, dishwashers, ventilation, refrigeration, and coffee makers on the market, Thermador delivers curated, gourmet experiences that integrate seamlessly into the smart home and boast exceptional functionality:

  1. Remote Control: Life gets busy. If clients constantly wonder if they’ve turned off the oven before leaving the house, Home Connect™ products let them monitor their appliances remotely for ease of mind – or, pre-heat the oven from afar to cut down on cooking time.
  2. Hands-Free Convenience: When clients need an extra hand in the kitchen, they can use their voices. With voice activation technology compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and, Thermador appliances with Home Connect™ become the ultimate sous-chef.
  3. Simplify Routines: Clients can set timers so their morning coffee is ready when they wake, or press start on the dishwasher each night from the comfort of their beds.
  4. Culinary Creativity: Let Home Connect™ expand your clients’ horizons — from curating personalized content with unique wine recommendations, pairings, and ideas for entertaining, to selecting recipes and receiving step by step guidance.

The biggest perk of all? With Home Connect™, clients won’t sacrifice superior style for smart home integrations. Offering Home Connect™ appliances in the Masterpiece® and Professional Collections, there is a connected option for every space, no matter the design preference.

Masterpiece® Collection with Home Connect™

If a sleek, contemporary look is your client’s style, look no further than the Masterpiece® Collection. Featuring modern design across all products, the Masterpiece® Collection offers the flexibility to tailor any kitchen layout to cater specifically to culinary needs.

Intentionally designed to be as beautiful as it is functional, the Masterpiece® Collection features metallic silver glass, Chrome, and Stainless Steel accents to bring a classic style and subtle elegance to any kitchen. A fully integrated touchscreen offers a professional appeal coupled with ease of use, while linear brushed Stainless Steel handles with chamfered edge detailing round out the look.

Professional Collection with Home Connect™

For clients who desire a bold design, opt for the Professional Collection for restaurant style quality and performance right at home.

Built with bold design elements including sturdy, cast metal knobs and Stainless Steel handles, all products from cooling, to cooking, to dish care feature unequaled power and performance.

To learn more about the Thermador Smart Appliances enabled with Home Connect™, visit THermador’s website.


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