Thermador Uncovers the Essential Elements of Gas and Induction Cooking

By Bob Eustice
Head of National Builder Channel, BSH Home Appliances

Thermador Uncovers the Essential Elements of Gas and Induction Cooking

Spending more time at home can mean more time in the kitchen for your clients – and depending on their individual cooking preferences, they may own either an induction or gas cooktop. Both cooking methods allow clients to experiment with different seasonal ingredients, recipes, and techniques, and there are key features to each that may help consumers get the most out of their appliances – especially ideal for times like these when they are likely putting their cooktops to more use.

Cooking with Gas

Many clients prefer cooking with gas due to its exceptional control and ability to heat evenly. And with a Thermador Gas Cooktop, there are several features that stand out:

The Iconic Star Burner

Whether boiling a pot of water or simmering a soup on low, clients have total control while using the gas cooktop. The ExtraLow® Select feature has 5 precise settings and is perfect for simmering delicate sauces or keeping food warm without scorching or stirring.

The flames on a gas cooktop allow for even distribution throughout the entire pot or pan—something crucial while cooking complex, temperamental dishes. And aside from its iconic look, the benefits of the unique 5-point design include offering more ports and more flame distribution than a round burner on an average cooktop.

Easy to Clean

Some clients prefer induction for its easy-to-clean surface, but the Thermador Star® Burner features the exceptional QuickClean Base®. The raised pedestal burner and porcelain maintop have been crafted for stunning design and easy cleanup. A hand and sponge fit easily under each burner to wipe the surface clean, and teardrop emboss reduces food buildup near the base. During these moments at home when cooking is even more frequent, it makes cleanup that much easier.

Cooking with Induction

Induction cooktops are known for being exceptionally efficient—and with a bevy of innovative features, they can revolutionize your culinary experience:

Surface Space

Many clients find that one of the best parts about cooking with induction is the usable cooking surface. With the Thermador 36-Inch Freedom® Induction Cooktop, up to 6 pots or pans can be heated simultaneously on its surface. The Freedom® Induction Cooktop has the largest fully usable cooking surface on the market within its class—26% larger than the nearest competitor. Another benefit of the induction cooktop is that the sleek, flat surface also makes for extremely easy cleaning.

Exceptional Flexibility

Another reason clients love preparing dishes on induction cooktops is because the cooktop automatically detects the presence of the cookware and transfers all programmed settings to the next location whenever it is shifted, offering more responsiveness and flexibility.

This feature on the cooktop is called Freedom® MyZone®, and it allows clients to change a preset power level simply by moving a pot or pan on the cooktop – which is ideal for bold recipes with frequent temperature changes. The 56 inductor elements combined with pot detection automatically recognizes the size, shape, and position of the cookware on the cooktop.

Smart Features

The Freedom® Induction Cooktop is also outfitted with the Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect™, which provides additional flexibility and customization. The cooktop and hood are synced and when paired, the hood light automatically turns on when the cooktop is turned on – especially ideal for clients who enjoy cooking an evening – or otherwise special occasion meal – in dim lighting.

For additional information on Thermador cooking appliances, please contact your Thermador builder sales representative or call 1-800-735-4328.
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