More than Pretty Pictures

Choosing the right home visualization technology 

By Kari Tamminga, Paradigm Product Owner

As savvy homebuilders continue to integrate virtual home design into their business model, it will take more than pretty pictures to convert home shoppers into satisfied buyers.  

Today’s top online visualization solutions should offer robust configuration of interior and exterior features, 3D modeling of elevations, and configurable floor plans. It should also provide decision-making features like option pricing and monitoring of building allowances, social sharing, lead generation, and CRM integration – all in an easy-to-use interface for homeowner and homebuilder.  

Paradigm Omni laptop demo

Paradigm Omni is a virtual home design software that wows buyers with stunning visualization and configuration technology, while improving lead production, accelerating the sales and design cycle, and enabling you to create a simpler, more engaging homebuilding experience. 

To start, homebuyers can envision any variety of interior and exterior design options, using visualization technology that powers one of the world’s largest and most versatile home product configurators. You, the builder, control the experience, whether it’s displaying specific models and site map options or showing differences in pricing and building allowances for select features. The combinations are endless.


Paradigm Omni room design

At the same time, Paradigm Omni can integrate with your CRM. You can access homebuyer contact information and design choices, allowing you to customize lead follow-up and generate more productive conversations with prospects.

When homebuyers are ready to work with you in person, your design center staff can pick up where virtual design left off and accelerate the design experience together. Paradigm Omni gives you access to the customer’s design choices and allows designers to help them refine their selections, see how options affect pricing and building allowances, and give them peace of mind that everything fits just right.  

In the end, it’s this peace of mind that differentiates your homebuilding experience -- from first contact to completed construction.    

Learn More: Request your personalized demo to visualize can see how Paradigm Omni can help build your homebuilding business.  

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