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The Homes for Life Awards honor projects that demonstrate excellence in aging-in-place design and/or accessible home modifications in a remodeled home. These award-winning homes offer design or programmatic solutions that help residents continue living in their homes as they grow older and/or face physical challenges.

Submit your aging-in-place remodeling projects in the following categories: Bath, Exterior, Kitchen, Multi-Generational, and Whole House/Multi-Room remodels. The Homes for Life awards are open to non-CAPS designees. CAPS designees will be automatically considered for the Best Overall CAPS Design Project category.

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Best Overall CAPS Design

Bonnie J. Lewis

55+ TLC Interior Design, Scottsdale, AZ

Bonnie’s 74-year old client had a master bathroom in need of remodeling for aging-in-place after knee replacement surgery. The client realized how impractical her bathroom was and how it limited her mobility. The project called for enlarging the shower, creating a vanity space, and updating fixtures to suit her needs. The bathroom proved to be a challenge for an ADA-compliant floor plan and some creative reworking of pipes allowed for more flexibility after eliminating a water closet creating a new toileting area. The new master bathroom accommodates the client’s needs for safety while creating an open and inviting space that is both wheelchair and walker accessible, ready for aging-in-place.

Bonnie Lewis
Before 1
Before view
After 1
After remodeling

Two-Story Remodel

Reiko Lewis

Ventus Design, Honolulu, Hawaii

The clients were a mother and daughter who desired an enjoyable space they could share together through a low-maintenance lifestyle, while addressing aging-in-place needs. The two-story remodel features a unique freight system elevator, the first of its kind in Hawaii to accommodate a wheelchair and a caretaker. Reiko and her team focused on the experiences that the mother and her daughter could share together and created a beautiful and traditional tea ceremony room. Making key selections in the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, all with the traditional rules of tea culture in mind, believing that aging-in-place is more than just the practical features.


Whole House Multi-Room Remodel

Nea Poole

Poole & Poole Architecture, Midlothian, VA.

Nea’s client wanted to create her “forever dream home” out of a former hay barn. The goals of the remodel were to maintain and support current family lifestyle dynamics while planning for aging-in-place and respecting the original look and components of the barn. The most challenging aspect of the remodel was the master bath which needed to be designed around large front windows and steel beams. Along with the bathroom fixtures, other spaces in the home, such as the kitchen, were designed to accommodate taller individuals, rather than the traditionally lowered fixtures commonly seen in aging-in-place or universal design.

Nea Poole
Grand living room
Grand Living Room

Multi-Generational Remodel

Iris Chadab

Windows to the Walls Interiors, Alexandria, VA.

The home owners desired to create a multi-generational welcoming space for themselves, their adult children and their young grandchildren. The clients wanted to be able to open the space and brighten the area to focus on entertaining, creating memories and enjoying company. The aging-in-place elements had to be used by the grandchildren, and they were thrilled to help in the design process.

Kids Corner
Kids' corner
Open Space
Open space

Bath Remodel

Robert & Evelyn Lenton

Lenton Company, Palmdale, CA

This accessible space was created for clients, one of whom uses a wheelchair for mobility, that would enable long-term care and allow them to stay in their home as long as possible. Details in the bathroom were selected to both accommodate the client and her sister as caretaker. Careful design consideration was placed on a functional space usable by anyone while still allowing independence of the client.

Robert Lenton
Bathroom After
Bathroom after remodeling.

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