2018 CADRE Award

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Trevor Odden

HBA of Fargo-Moorhead, Fargo, ND

Mike Fournier

Mike Fournier, Membership Recruitment & Retention Category, on behalf of the HBA of Greater Tulsa Remodelers Council.

Jerry Hall

Jerry Hall, Public Relations & Promotion Category, on behalf of the MBA of King & Snohomish Remodelers Council.

Zeke Keel
Zeke Keel, Outstanding Associate Member Category.
Kevin Vick
Kevin Vick, Outstanding Council Chair Category
Donna Buenik
Donna Buenik, Outstanding Council Coordinator Category

Community Service Project

CADRE Recipient: HBA of Fargo-Moorhead, Fargo, ND
The Remodelers Council of HBA of Fargo-Moorhead helped to remodel the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch. The facility is a residential facility for troubled children ages 10-19 who require a safe place to live with a variety of services including: basic needs, therapy and specialized treatment. The youth home is regularly at maximum capacity and, as a result, had experienced much wear and tear. Organization leaders reached out to the HBA of F-M Remodelers Council and Home Builders Care of Fargo Moorhead Foundation for assistance. The Remodelers Council and Home Builders Care of Fargo-Moorhead Foundation transformed 2,105 square feet and impacted over 75 children’s lives with the help of over 45 member companies, securing $60,509.93 in donations, discounts, products and services toward the project.

Member Recruitment and Retention

CADRE Recipient: HBA of Greater Tulsa Remodelers Council, Tulsa OK
The Remodelers Council of HBA of Greater Tulsa determined that they needed to identify a way to retain members, therefore, the council board met and decided to add to the roles of secretary and treasurer assigning them to act as both Calling and Greeting committees. The council board then declared that the role of Secretary would also manage a Calling Committee that would remind members of the upcoming meetings and events. The role of Treasurer would focus on greeting members upon arrival to the meetings and events. The secretary and treasurer took pride in their new duties and created the gold-standard for how to conduct and manage each role responsibly. The project lasts the duration of the members’ role on the leadership ladder, which is one full calendar year.

Outstanding Associate Member

CADRE Recipient: Zeke Keel, Southern Window Supply Company, Pelham, AL
Zeke Keel has been a dedicated and active member of the Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders and the GBAHB Remodelers Council, serving six years on the GBAHB Remodelers Board. Zeke has been in the industry for 15 years, working in various roles including operations manager, purchasing, inside sales and inventory control. He enjoys working with home builders and remodelers on projects requiring the highest level of detail and quality. Zeke’s knowledge of building products and millwork trends enables him to work on jobs of virtually any scope and size.

Outstanding Council Chair

CADRE Recipient: Kevin Vick, Vick Construction & Remodeling, Sugarland, TX
Kevin Vick served as the 2017 Greater Houston Builders Association Remodelers Council Chair — the year Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston. Working in conjunction with the GHBA, Kevin was instrumental in educating Houston homeowners with post-hurricane information via radio, newspaper, magazines, pamphlets, social media and websites. The growth he personally experienced as a dedicated GHBA member included solving problems, and inspiring others to join and serve others for the good of the community. He has participated in and led several of the Remodelers Council Charity projects. He continues to publish remodeling articles in the Houston Chronicle and other publications to educate remodelers and consumers.

Outstanding Council Coordinator

CADRE Recipient: Donna Buenik, Greater Houston Building Association, Houston, TX
Donna has been on the staff of the GHBA since 2006. She assumed the role of Remodelers Council Coordinator in October 2017. This was a difficult time as Houston had just experienced Hurricane Harvey, but Donna’s understanding of the building industry, the Association, and the Remodelers Council was invaluable, and the transition was seamless. Her familiarity with council budgets, events and council goals has been unparalleled. Donna is not one to do the minimum required of her position: She attends every Board meeting, monthly luncheon, special and networking event, and committee meetings. Donna Buenik consistently goes above and beyond what is expected of her, and the Remodelers Council members are very appreciative. According to Remodelers Council President Larry Abbott, Donna always gets it done — no matter the timeline.

Public Relations and Promotions

CADRE Recipient: Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties, Bellevue, WA
The Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties Remodelers Council hosted its annual Remodeling Excellence Awards and Trades Remodeling Excellence Awards (REX/T-REX) in early May. In years past, it saw around 70 entries total for their various award categories. In 2018, it surpassed that number by more than 20%, reaching an all-time high. With these additional entries, it also saw an increase in overall attendance just shy of 250 people compared to previous years, where the event drew around 200 attendees. It also incorporated additional remodelers within the area to take part in this competition and join MBAKS, because of a new policy that all entrants must be an MBAKS member to be recognized at the event.

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