Tony Hirst, LLC - Allred Residence

Winner: Modular Home Design Award - Less than 2,000 sq. ft.

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Contact: Devin Perry
(202) 266-8577

Project Name: Allred Residence

Manufacturer: Excel Homes

Builder: Tony Hirst, LLC

Location: Manson, N.C.

The Allred residence was designed to satisfy specific customer goals, including maximizing lake views, blurring the lines between the outside and inside, an open floor plan, and modern accents to differentiate their house from others in the community. Tony Hirst used several design elements to create amazing unimpeded lake views. The house was placed on the site to utilize a natural peninsula allowing lake views from the left and exploiting the creek opening to enhance the lake views on the right side of the house. Tony designed the open to above great room to allow for oversized windows on the back and sides of the great room creating 150-degree views of the lake. The oversized windows upstairs that wrap around the entire loft living space along with the enhanced deck views offer the lofted area even greater lake views than could be achieved downstairs. The loft railing also allows the great room and lofted living space to bleed into each other with the appearance of no separation. By blurring the lines between the two inside living areas and the nature outside, the illusion of a much bigger house is created.