Meet the Candidates - Speed Dating Style

Local Association Less than 200 members

HBA: Desert Valleys Builders Association

Category: Membership

Location: Palm Desert, CA

Size: Local Association: less than 200 members


The Desert Valleys Builders Association’s bi-annual program provides a direct, in-person, and highly interactive experience between candidates seeking office and the DVBA members and public. Candidates must be actively on-point with their statements, take Q&A engagements, then move to a new group all within an eight-to-ten-minute timeframe. The event provides an innovative platform for candidates seeking elected office to engage with members and the public on their platforms and campaigns in a high energy format.

For the 2022 election cycle, there were 78 candidates running for local, state, and federal office. The HBA’s PAC interviewed approximately 40 candidates and 32 candidates moving through the PAC process participated in the event. Attendees get a direct, face-to-face engagement with candidates on a more personalized level. Format wise, candidates are placed throughout the room and attendees get to sit where they would like. Once the timer goes off, each table has a specific amount of time and then at the bell, either the candidate or the attendee will move to another location. Candidates enjoy meeting in the more informal format and all parties have an animated evening.