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2018 CADRE Award Subcategories and Recipients
Community Service Project

CADRE Recipient: Peninsula Remodelers Council

The Peninsula Remodelers Council (PRC) and its members have a passionate commitment to serving the communities in which they live and work. When the opportunity to lift up a deserving United States Air Force Veteran and his family presented itself, we were thrilled to be the “Helping Hands” this family needed!

Mr. Lavelle, the veteran homeowner, has a neighbor who reached out to one of our PRC members expressing concern about the deteriorating condition of the home. Having some knowledge of Mr. Lavelle’s medical and financial situation, this neighbor knew Mr. Lavelle was simply not capable of taking care of the type of maintenance tasks that were needed and that might have prevented some of the issues he was now facing. After discussing Mr. Lavelle’s predicament and the project scope at the February PRC executive committee meeting, the group enthusiastically voted to move forward with the opportunity to help this family.

During an initial site visit, it became apparent the need for this family was greater than originally thought. What started out as a relatively cut-and-dry effort to repair gutters, siding and trim with minimal labor and material requirements, quickly became a full-scale exterior renovation when the PRC team leaders found numerous issues detrimental to the health and safety of this family that could not be ignored.

The original goal of helping Mr. Lavelle take care of some basic repair and maintenance issues became a focused purpose to assure that a proud and deserving veteran would have a safe and comfortable place to call home for him and his family.

Member Recruitment and Retention

CADRE Recipient: Greater Houston Builders Association Remodelers Council

The Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA) Remodelers Council successfully implemented a variety of initiatives focusing on membership retention at a time when many councils are seeing a decline in enrollment numbers. The 2017 Remodelers Council Board of Directors included two membership chairs (MCs) who focused on growing the council and fostering relationships with new members.

All first-time attendees, prospective and new members were given a ribbon attached to their name badge so they could be welcomed during events. Ambassadors greeted attendees and answered questions on how to become involved in the council. The MCs followed up with first-time attendees for feedback and answered any questions they had. MCs called members whose membership had lapsed and encouraged them to renew, and provided the council with feedback about the programs and educational topics offered.

By implementing this feedback and providing quality educational and networking activities, members renewed their membership and stayed active in the council. MCs called and welcomed new members to the Council and encouraged them to attend upcoming events and luncheons, allowing our MCs to engage with new members and provide them with information about the council.

At the January 2017 meeting of the Remodelers Council Board, the council had 271 members. As of October 2017, the council has grown to 361 members.

Outstanding Associate Member

CADRE Recipient: Luellen Smith, Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish County

Starting as a Remodelers Council member approximately four years ago, Luellen jumped right in and volunteered not only for committee work at her local council but also stepped into the chair position that led the annual Remodeling Excellence (REX) Awards event, which is the Master Builders Association’s signature Remodelers Council event.

To accomplish this, she called on other remodelers and members for help and guidance and to learn the history of the event, and took a chance to jazz it up and modernize it. By combining the REX and Trades Remodeling Excellence (T- REX) awards into one venue, Luellen created a wildly successful event for nominees, members and recipients, and grew the event to more than 200+ people in the last two years.

Luellen is not only the REX chair, but she is also a past and future PWB chair (2015, 2018), current Membership Council chair, and she attends Building Industry Association of Washington and NAHB meetings as a local MBA director. Her involvement within multiple councils, as well as state and nationwide, has allowed our local association to learn and grow from the education and diversity she has learned in doing so.

Outstanding Council Chair

CADRE Recipient: Rolf Parelius, CAPS, CGR, CGP, CPD (CPTED Professional Designation – Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design), Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans Remodelers Council

Rolf Parelius served as the chairman for the Remodelers Council in 2017.

Rolf first gained notoriety among his peers in 2008 when he was a new home builders association (HBA) member, thirsty for knowledge. He was known to make the three-hour roundtrip drive from his home and office in Buras, La., to attend a class or a meeting at the HBA office in Metairie. He undoubtedly spent more time traveling to and from these events than he spent at the event itself, but he never had a bad attitude.

When he became chairman of the Remodelers Council, Rolf laid out all his observations and goals with the staff and immediate past chairman, and the group got to work. The Remodelers Council membership and attendance had fallen tremendously in recent years. Rolf, through his years of observation and conversations with HBA staff and other board members, had an idea to fix this. He essentially came in and “blew up” the structure of the local council, being keenly aware that the days of members coming simply for lunch and camaraderie were over, and it was time to offer much more value.

For that reason, the council began holding quarterly luncheons and quarterly roundtables. Because there were now only four quarterly luncheons, it proved much easier to (1) provide valuable, thoughtful content, and (2) get members to meetings, because they were able to dedicate the time. Additionally, through his involvement with NAHBR, Rolf was able to get then-NAHBR Chairman Dan Bawden at the third quarterly luncheon. Dan’s presentation was billed as a major event for the council and used as a member recruitment tool. Through this event, the council recruited a new member to the HBA, a new Affiliate member, and 13 new Remodelers Council members.

Outstanding Council Coordinator

CADRE Recipient: Lauren Galliano, Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans Remodelers Council

Lauren has planned and executed more than 100 educational sessions that have not only been timely, but have also given the HBA of Greater New Orleans’ local remodelers council a distinct advantage in our market. She was one of the first council coordinators in the South (if not a large part of the country) to facilitate local council members’ training and be certified in the EPA’s Lead: RRP rules, certifying more than 200 Louisiana contractors.

Moreover, Lauren was instrumental in coordinating — with the help of NAHB Remodelers staff and leadership — two NAHB Remodelers “Road Shows” (2011 and 2017), whereby some of NAHB’s most accomplished remodeling/renovation professionals taught classes on maximizing profits, successful job bidding and financing, drafting air-tight contracts, and protecting small remodeling companies from regulatory and legal perils.

She has also recognized looming shortcomings that the local council has had in years past, whether a decline in membership, sponsors or visibility, or a general sense of fatigue from council leaders who have gone above and beyond the call of duty on behalf of the council. At each turn, she has worked diligently to infuse new ideas, members and leaders into the council.

Lauren, along with remodelers council leadership, coordinated numerous meetings with industry professionals and experts on FEMA regulations to address the 50% guidance. Lauren helped spearhead the draft of a resolution on the 50% Rule, which was recently passed by the NAHB Board of Directors. The passage of this resolution has helped numerous other builders throughout the country who are presently being confronted by its associated challenges. Lauren has helped position the remodelers council as a resource on this issue for our colleagues nationwide.

Public Relations and Promotions

CADRE Award Recipient: Master Builders Association of King & Snohomish Counties Remodelers Council

The annual Remodeled Homes Tour invites visitors to experience firsthand some of the Master Builders Association of King & Snohomish Counties remodelers council members’ finest craftsmanship and innovative ideas in home remodeling. This is a free event for the public, spread throughout the greater Seattle area to attract multiple population demographics.

The council’s main goal was to revamp the registration process to better track participants, even though it is free. With a brand-new website designed and in place, the council not only received a better response, but its website traffic increased more than 100% to well more than 24,000 views. In addition to the online registration, the council partnered with Rebuilding Together Seattle as its charity partner and had an opportunity for registrants to donate upon registering. Pre-registration was offered as well.

Another focus was to increase attendance and ensure the council was focused on the right target market. This was accomplished through strategic advertising on Facebook and through press releases, magazine coverage, etc. Digital and print advertising was a crucial part in making this Remodeled Homes Tour a bigger success than previous years. Additional advertising comprised talk show radio appearances, calendar listings, posters and signage. All these marketing efforts led to the Remodeled Homes Tour’s success and an even better framework to expand on it in the future.

In 2017, the council had the largest attendance on record dating back to 2004, with more than 3,600 registered participants — nearly three times that of the previous year. In addition to an increase of participants, it had a 65% increase in homes on the tour. Its expanded social media outreach on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram resulted in doubling the traffic to its newly redesigned tour website with more than 24,000 views.

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