2019 Spring Leadership Council Meeting Videos

Video Highlights from the 2019 Spring Leadership Council Meeting and the Innovative Housing Showcase

Innovative Housing Showcase

Shortly before the start of the 2019 Spring Leadership Council meeting in Washington, D.C., NAHB and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development co-hosted the inaugural Innovative Housing Showcase on the national mall. The Showcase featured state-of-the-art building technologies and housing solutions that can make homeownership more affordable for American families, and homes more resilient during natural disasters.

NAHB Leadership Council Meeting

2019 Chairman Greg Ugalde updates the NAHB Leadership Council on a number of important events and initiatives, including the Innovative Housing Showcase. During his presentation, new Senior Life Delegates and Life Delegates were recognized by the council.

Alicia Huey, a home builder from Birmingham, Ala., is the candidate for NAHB’s 2020 Third Vice Chairman. Huey addressed the NAHB Leadership Council for the first time at its recent spring meeting.

NAHB’s Chief Economist, Dr. Robert Dietz, provides insight into today’s housing market and a forecast of future activity.

Following an overview by Eugene Graf, moderator of the National Area Chairmen, NAHB Second Vice Chairman Chuck Fowke and CEO Jerry Howard discuss the serious labor shortage that is affecting the home building industry.

Building codes have a significant impact on the cost and configuration of new homes. Construction Codes and Standards Committee Chairman Paul Michelsohn and NAHB Assistant Vice President Craig Drumheller discuss the recent hearings on proposed changes to the ICC codes.

Jerry Konter, left, NAHB’s 2019 Third Vice Chairman, discusses the need for mentoring and other support to enable the next generation of home builders with Eric Visser, a home builder from Anchorage, Alaska. Visser is a member of NAHB’s Young Professionals Committee and participates in NAHB’s inaugural Connect 10 group.

Helmut Mundt, 2019 chairman of NAHB’s Membership Committee, provides “gold nugget” insight into membership retention. Later, award-winning membership recruiter Bill Truex shares recruiting tips.

Third Vice Chairman Dean Mon discusses NAHB’s newly implemented governance structure.