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Course/Instructor Evaluations

The evaluation sheet located in each student registration package has changed. To ensure you receive credit for any evaluation submitted when you teach a course, you want to be sure the site with which you are working has ordered new registration packages after June 21, 2019. Education License holders received communications from Paula Pagano informing them of this change in the EDU Update for the month of June.

The evaluations are on special paper which cannot be copied on regular paper because it cannot be read by the scanning machine. Please work with your local sites make sure they have ordered updated registration packages before you are scheduled to teach. There will be no way to add evaluations to your score for any course which comes to NAHB Education using the old course evaluation sheets.

If you would like a copy of the evaluation to be sure you are using the proper one, you can reach out to and we will email it to you. Again, you cannot use the electronic version to make copies.

Connecting Through Facebook

During the Instructor Workshop held at IBS 2019 in Las Vegas, one running theme was using a Facebook Group to allow Instructors to connect virtually on a regular basis. We have created that group and now need each of you to come and join us. NAHB active instructors will be the only persons approved to join the group. Follow these instructions to get to the group and ask to join:

  • Go to and ensure you are logged in as yourself.
  • In the search field at the top of the page, look for “NAHB Instructors” or go directly to
  • Click Join Group.
  • You will need to answer a few questions before your request is sent.
  • Once your request is approved, you will be notified through the Facebook notification section

We hope this group will give each of you the opportunity to engage with each other often. You can ask questions, give advice, offer suggestions, check in with fellow instructors to see how they run activities, offer ideas, etc.

It would be nice for you to post a quick introduction of yourself to the group once you are approved. Just let us know what courses you are approved to teach, or the family of courses. If you have any questions, please email

Course Updates

During the recent 2019 NAHB Spring Leadership Meeting, the Knowledge & Innovation Subcommittee, with the support of the Education Committee, made the decision to sunset the following courses:

  • Building Technology:Systems and Interior Finishes
  • Building Technology: Systems and Exterior Finishes
  • Design Build
  • Essential Closing Strategies (last course to be held Aug. 22, Dallas HBA)

In addition, the Master Certified Sales Professional is closed to new participants. Those already in process have until Jan. 31, 2020, to apply and graduate.

What this means for instructors

Effective immediately, no instructor will be permitted to offer/teach these courses at any time. Please discard or send back any copies of course materials you have. You will no longer see these folders on your instructor FTP site.

The course content will be evaluated to see if it can be repurposed into new education and/or reach new participants but at this time there are no plans to reinstate/revise the above mentioned courses.

Instructor Spotlight - Shawn McGuire, CAPS, CSP, Master CSP

Shawn McGuire is one of NAHB Education's Sales & Marketing instructors. He is a broker at Celebrity Homes, a leading home builder in Omaha, Neb. He has represented new home builders, both as a sales representative and a sales manager, for over 25 years.

Shawn has been an NAHB instructor since 1994. He started when his local builders association asked him to teach a portion of the Certified New Home Sales Professional course. From there, he realized how much he enjoyed the challenge of instructing and how beneficial it could be to his career. "Instructing made me a better representative for my builders and customers," he said.

Not only does he teach for NAHB; but he is also an instructor for The State of Nebraska Real Estate Commission. Throughout his career, he has developed numerous continuing education courses like New Home Sales Ethics and Explaining the Building Process to the Consumer. Shawn has also been involved in NAHB's Sales & Marketing Council in the past and many local HBA committees.

When asked what he wants his students to take away from a class with him, he answered, "I hope my students take away that by educating themselves, they will be able to better educate their clients/customers. I appreciate the time/money that my students have invested to attend my classes, they deserve to get the best out of the course and me."

Something Shawn would share with fellow instructors is to "be prepared and know the material. Understand the material. Be prepared to demonstrate the subject and materials in a manner that is meaningful and perhaps this will allow your students to appreciate the course even more. Engage as often as possible. It truly is amazing how often the students enhance the course with their experience and input."

Educator and Designee of the Year Nominations

NAHB Education recognizes a Designee of the Year for its various professional designations. The awards honor builders, remodelers and other industry professionals who actively hold NAHB designations and promote the value of NAHB designations across the industry among clients, colleagues, builders associations, and media,.

The Educator of the Year award honors a quality instructor who promotes and contributes to the growth of NAHB Education. Its purpose is to highlight the value of education and the role instructors play in the overall success of NAHB’s Education programs.

Nominations can be submitted by going to on or before Sept. 13, 2019.

Nominations may be made by any person or organization actively participating in the respective designation program, including home builders associations licensed to offer NAHB courses. Self-nominations are accepted. Here is a list of past winners.

For more information, contact Crystal Y. Floyd at or (800) 368-5242 x8148.

SME and Content Provider Forms

NAHB Education is in the process of a number of curriculum development projects. As the development projects roll out, NAHB Education will be increasing our need for subject matter experts (SMEs) and Content Providers (CP).

Generally speaking, SMEs lend expertise to a project by way of review and consultation and do so on a volunteer basis. Content providers are more deeply involved in the creation or revision of specific courses and are paid for their work.

A pool of all interested candidates has been created so that quick decisions can be made on which individuals would be best matched to our current efforts, based on their expertise and experience. Please email Paul Tingler at to apply if you are interested.


Evaluations are used to help NAHB receive data from students on course presentation and relevance to them. As an instructor, we ask that you remember not to personally collect evaluations. When students feel that their comments may be read in front of them; they will not be completely honest. The site should have someone available to collect the evaluations. If they do not, please designate an area far from yourself to have them place the evaluations face down. Once everyone has left you may review them before placing them with the test and sending back to NAHB.

If you have questions about any items on this newsletter, please email