Instructor Roles and Responsibilities

As an NAHB Approved Instructor, your job isn’t merely to present course content. You are vital to the success of your classes by helping to ensure that attendance is strong and that your students have a meaningful classroom experience. You also are each student’s link to earning an NAHB professional designation.

You will be asked to do the following:

  • Work closely with your HBA education or staff contact to provide marketing support. Promote your scheduled classes on your website, through your personal or social networks (i.e., Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and other relevant outlets.
  • At least a week before every class, make sure that you have the latest version of the materials by checking the Course Version document on the instructor FTP site. Also, check if the PowerPoint presentations and the Instructor Guides for all materials have the same copyright dates. Please email NAHB Instructor Services if you need a new instructor guide. Instructor guides are free if you are teaching a class for the first time or a new version of a course you have previously taught. If you have lost your instructor guide, you will be invoiced $60 for a replacement.
  • In class, always use the talking points provided by NAHB Education and make all relevant announcements. Provide clear instructions to your students, including associated designation application and renewal fees.
  • Encourage your students to share their feedback. Ask them to fill out the instructor evaluations at the end of every class. Student feedback will tell you exactly how you did and help NAHB Education to improve subsequent course offerings. Plus, instructor ratings assist licensed HBAs in making instructor selections for future classes.
Follow up with your students after every class. Send a thank-you email and make yourself available for any questions. This shows that you truly care about them and their careers, which also may lead to new business relationships.