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Contact: Anne Ladewig
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The Associates One to Watch Award recognizes young building industry professionals who have taken steps to propel their careers; advance at the local, state and national NAHB level; advocate for the industry; engage with peers; and become exceptional members of their communities.

The winner sets the standard for the conservation, support and growth of the industry as well as the NAHB brand. This person is a valuable asset in other’s lives both professionally and personally.


The Associates One to Watch Award application for 2019 is now closed.


The award is open to all home building industry-related professionals born after Dec. 31, 1979.

Each local and/or state HBA is invited to submit one nomination each. Candidates may also self-nominate. Nominations may be made by a majority vote of the National Associates Committee as well, but candidates have to meet all other criteria for the award.

Nominees must be Associate members in good standing.


  • Career Progress. Nominees must demonstrate the growth of skills, responsibility and success in their chosen professions as specifically as possible.
  • Industry Involvement. Nominees must demonstrate their commitment to upholding the ideals of NAHB and the home building industry by describing their HBA involvement: whether by chairing a committee, spearheading an event or serving on the board, and how that involvement produced measurable results.
  • Innovation. Nominees will show how they have demonstrated creativity and innovation by developing new ideas and/or adapting successful solutions to problems and challenges, or optimizing unique opportunities. One to Watch nominees inspire all young professionals to contribute their very best to the industry.
  • Leadership Development. Leaders are the face of the industry. Leaders influence others to promote a positive change by displaying quality characteristics such as integrity, competency and intelligence. They are also forward-looking and inspiring to others. Describe how the nominee has exhibited these traits.

Additional criteria may include:

  • Community Involvement. One to Watch nominees care about their communities and volunteer in local civic and charitable organizations. Nominees should submit examples of their community involvement, including detailed results of their efforts.
  • Credentials & Other Awards Received. Formal education is not always an indicator of career success, but the judges need to know what degrees the nominees have earned, any hurdles they overcame, and how it contributed to their overall career development.
  • Personal Testimonials. One to Watch nominees are people of high principles and character who exemplify this through other interests and activities other than work or community/professional service. Nominees should describe their hobbies and any other information that gives judges a clear look at their personalities and interests.

Additional Materials

A personal statement, bio or résumé plus supporting materials (for example, newspaper articles written about the nominee, testimonials from clients, listing/descriptions of awards received) help judges see why this nominee stands out.

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