NAHB Associate National Area Chair Nomination Confirmation

Thank you for submitting your nomination for the Associate National Area Chair position. If any additional information or clarification is needed, NAHB staff will contact you.

Be sure you are aware of the rules of the election below:

To ensure that the nomination process is fair to all candidates, the leadership of the Associates Committee has developed the following guidelines for communicating with potential voters.

  • Communicating via Email. Candidates are allowed to communicate with potential voters via email. Contact information for the Associates Committee members can be found here. Staff will provide a list of names of the guests who are eligible to vote; however, it is the candidate’s responsibility to obtain email addresses for those guests. Candidates should ensure that their email communications provide fresh, succinct and appropriate content. Candidates will also be responsible for acting immediately to remove any members who ask not to be included in any future emails.
  • Communicating via Social Media and the Associates Outreach Network (AON). Candidates are allowed to communicate with potential voters via the Associates LinkedIn and Facebook pages and through the AON. Rules for each medium are below:

LinkedIn – Candidates can post no more than one message per week to the Associates LinkedIn page. If more than one message per week is posted, the most recent message will be removed.

Facebook – Candidate information will be posted to the Facebook page no more than four times during the campaign period. Only staff can post messages to Facebook so candidates will need to submit their posts directly to Anne Ladewig ( Posts can include links and up to two photos.

AON – Candidates can send up to two messages to the AON during the campaign period. Candidates must submit those messages directly to Anne Ladewig at

  • Communicating Online. Candidates are free to develop independent online communications such as websites, blog posts, e-brochures, etc.
  • Inappropriate Content. The National Associate Chair is a Senior Officer of the Federation and is expected to act diplomatically at all times. As such, we would like all candidates for this position to ensure that their communications are appropriate. Associates Committee staff and leadership will remove any communication that contains disparaging comments, or any other inappropriate language, material or images.