Leadership Opportunities

Taking on a leadership role can be an enriching and rewarding opportunity. The Associates Committee encourages all Associate members to consider applying for one of the following key positions. 

Associate BUILD-PAC Vice Chair

The BUILD-PAC Associate Vice Chair is the lead liaison between BUILD-PAC leadership and Associate members.  The person in this position is expected and encouraged to participate in all meetings and bi-monthly conference calls with the BUILD-PAC Officers and staff.  This is a two-year commitment to fundraise for BUILD-PAC as well as assist the Officers in making policy and strategic planning decisions for BUILD-PAC during this time period. Like all BUILD-PAC Trustees, the person in this position is required to contribute at the Gold Key level ($1,000/annually) or higher and attend NAHB’s Legislative Conference along with the three annual BUILD-PAC Board of Trustees meetings. 

Key responsibilities of this position:
  • Relay the associates’ point of view with his/her fellow BUILD–PAC Officers.
  • Engage in discussions to formulate strategies, implement initiatives and help in making decisions with regards to states and/or trustees not fulfilling their obligation to NAHB’s BUILD-PAC Board of Trustees. 
  • Give associate-specific BUILD-PAC reports, utilizing associate investment statistics to the Associate Members Committee Chairman and the Advocacy Sub-Committee Chair. The report should also be prepared to be given to full committee upon the Committee Chair’s request. 
  • Provide support, advice and “behind the scenes” advice to Advocacy Cub-Committee Chair as well as helping to troubleshoot and offer assistance to clear any road blocks from preventing  the national associates from achieving their self-mandated goal for the year. If you have any questions please email Anne Ladewig or call her at 202-266-8673. 


Associate National Area Chair

The person in this position works with 15 builder National Area Chairs to advance NAHB’s priorities. The 15 NACs have oversight of certain areas within the United States and and Puerto Rico. The National Associate Chair has oversight of two-thirds of NAHB's membership, the Associate membership. 

This role is designed to bring associate initiatives, questions and concerns to the NACs and the senior officers of NAHB (builder leadership). The Associate NAC works with builder leadership to understand "all things" that are positive and negative for the building industry and will break down the information, through personal knowledge and staff guidance, and highlight what it means to all associates at the grass roots/ local level. 

The NAC is a conduit for the flow of information and is the official spokesperson for Associate members throughout the country. If it affects builders it will affect associates. If it affects associates it will affect the vast majority of dues and non-dues revenue. The person in this position makes sure that all concerned have a voice.  The NAC, like the builder NAC, is a junior officer of and an executive committee member of NAHB. This is a two-year term commitment. 


All NAC nominees must meet the eligibility requirements as outlined in Article VIII, Section 3 of the NAHB Bylaws, which state that the NAC must:

  1. Be an associate member in good standing;
  2. Have served, prior to the election, at least one full term as a member of the Associate Members Committee, or as a trustee of the Leading Suppliers Council, or as a National Director or Alternate Director; and
  3. Be found by the Nominations Committee to have demonstrated leadership in that service.

The best nominee to serve as the NAC is someone who also:

  • Possesses excellent communication skills
  • Demonstrates diplomacy
  • Has an acute dedication to and understanding of builders and the NAHB Federation
  • Is able to devote about 25-30% of his or her time to association affairs
  • Is able to make the financial commitment necessary to cover travel to NAHB meeting

Additional duties that may apply:

  • Attending all monthly NAC calls/webinars.
  • Strongly encouraged to attend via phone or electronic platform all regional calls conducted by the Senior Officer who has oversight over that region in order to report on Associate issues, listen in for common Associate issues and encourage the implementation of the Associate V.P. on leadership ladders.
  • May be asked to chair a subcommittee/task force within the NAC ranks.
  • Meet with the Senior Officers prior to all NAHB Board meetings which will require an additional day of travel and lodging.
  • Become a “Gold Key” BUILD-PAC contributor.


Anne Ladewig