Associates Outreach Network

What is the Associate Outreach Network (AON)?

The AON is a communication network created by the Associates Committee to share and promote information between NAHB and the local markets.

Specifically, AON is designed to increase participation and knowledge at the grassroots level and to make NAHB aware of what is going on at the grassroots level, and to improve and/or initiate call-to-action engagement with Associate members on topics related to BUILD PAC, legislative issues, special events and opportunities for recognition.

How is AON organized?

The AON is comprised of two representatives from each state, called Associate Advisors. Associate Advisors have their own in-state networks that they use to pass along messages to the larger network. The idea is have Advisors communicate with a few people they know, and for those few people to communicate with more people they know, and so on. This way, people receive and obtain information from people they already communicate with regularly.

Who should participate in the AON?

Anyone who would like to be seen as a leader in his or her state and/or local market can and should participate in the AON. Associate Advisors are the main points of contact in each state and would be responsible for disseminating information from National and encouraging local and state participation. People who agree to be part of the AON should also plan to share information with and from their industry contacts. If you are passionate about the importance of sharing information, the Associate Outreach Network is the place for you to become involved.

How can you participate in the AON?

Associate Advisors should use the AON to disseminate information to their in-state networks and from their states back to Advisors representing the other states. People who are part of an advisor’s in-state network can also collect and redistribute information to and from their own local contacts.

When should you use the AON?

The AON is intended to function as a reciprocal communications vehicle. Anytime there is news or information to be shared about what’s happening on the National, state and local level members are encouraged to use the AON. For example, it’s an excellent tool for sharing information about legislative actions that have the potential for great impact, but also for making sure that local award winners and honorees receive recognition at the National level. 


Anne Ladewig